Can I use sky lanterns at my wedding ?

The State Fire Marshal’s Office along with Hidalgo County Fire Marshal’s Office strongly recommends against the use of the devices. Individuals choosing to use sky lanterns or similar products are advised to consider the following: 1- Lighting and releasing these devices may be illegal in counties that have a burn ban in place. Doing so could constitute a Class C misdemeanor offense. 2- Where the county has a fire code in place, lighting and releasing these devices may put you in violation of that code and subject to penalties for unattended burning. 3- In the event that the device causes a fire, you could be held liable for any resulting damages, and could be subject to indictment for a criminal offense. Depending on circumstances, lighting and releasing this device which then causes a fire may meet elements of arson or related offenses.

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1. Can I use sky lanterns at my wedding ?
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