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Elsa Clinic

Subfacility of Health Clinics

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Office Hours:

 Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Except Holidays.

Cost: Cost of services is based on size of family income according to the most current TDH sliding scale.

Medicaid is welcome and services are provided to those who do not have medicaid as well. A Co-Pay may be charged for patients with private insurance or those who are self insured.

Services Offered

 - Immunizations (Privately inusred children are no longer eligible for TVFC or State funded vaccines.)
- T.B. Clinic (Chest Clinic)
- STD Clinic (McAllen Site)
- STD/HIV Testing
- Family Planning
- Women's Health
- Pregnancy Testing
- Maternity Clinic
- Well Child Check-up (WCC Screening or Texas Health Steps. P.E.
- Newborn Screening
- Pregnant/Parenting Teen Program
- Environmental Health Services
- WIC Nutrition program on site or near by.
- Case Management for High Risk children 0-20 years of age & Pregnant Women
- Mobile Clinic Adult Health Services & Immunizations
- Interpreter or translator are provided free of charge

Traveling on Highway 107 (east or west) in Elsa. Locate the Post office in town (also located on 107). The building is located behind the post office. It is collocated with WIC clinic.

*NOTE: Services provided will vary according to available staff. Therefore, all Walk Ins are recommended to call & verify times of services. Clinics are closed for services on Holidays approved by the Court.