WHEREAS, the framers of the Constitution established the United States as a representative democracy that relies on civic engagement; and

WHEREAS, as a fundamental element of effective democracy, it is a principle that all eligible citizens should participate in fair and open elections; and

WHEREAS, the Rio Grande Valley has had historically low voter turnout and voter registration which lags the state average; and

WHEREAS, active voter participation is vital to our community and residents’ well-being. This participation brings access to funding and resources to our community; and

WHEREAS, in order to reach those who have not fully embraced their rights and responsibilities as citizens, the community must expand opportunities for voter education and nonpartisan voter registration. Vital contributions in this regard can be made by grassroots organizations, by the media, by educational, cultural, and religious institutions, and by other entities in both the public and private sector;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court hereby proclaims September 2021 as Valley Voter Awareness Month in Hidalgo County and calls upon the residents of Hidalgo County to participate in Valley Voter Awareness Month activities in order to promote voting and voter registration programs.