County Officials

Access individual webpages for Hidalgo County Elected and Appointed Officials

Commissioners Court

County Judge Richard F. Cortez
County Commissioner Precinct 1 David L. Fuentes
County Commissioner Precinct 2 Eduardo "Eddie" Cantu
County Commissioner Precinct 3 Joe M. Flores
County Commissioner Precinct 4 Ellie Torres
Commissioners Court Executive Officer Valde Guerra

Other County Officials

County Clerk Arturo Guajardo, Jr.
County Treasurer Lita Leo
County Sheriff J.E. Eddie Guerra
County Tax Assessor/Collector Pablo "Paul" Villarreal, Jr.
Criminal District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez, Jr.
District Clerk Laura Hinojosa
Auditor Maria Arcilia Duran, CPA
Budget Officer Sergio Cruz

District Judges

92nd District Court Luis M. Singleterry
93rd District Court Fernando Mancias
139th District Court Roberto "Bobby" Flores
206th District Court Rose G. Reyna
275th District Court Marla Cuellar
332nd District Court Mario E. Ramirez, Jr.
370th District Court Noe Gonzalez
389th District Court Letty Lopez
398th District Court Keno Vasquez
430th District Court Israel Ramon, Jr.
449th District Court Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt
464th District Court Jaime E. Tijerina

County Courts-at-Law

County Court-at-Law 1 Rodolfo "Rudy" Gonzalez
County Court-at-Law 2 Jaime J. Palacios
County Court-at-Law 4 Fred S. Garza, Jr.
County Court-at-Law 5 Arnoldo Cantu, Jr.
County Court-at-Law 6 Albert Garcia
County Court-at-Law 7 Sergio Valdez
County Court-at-Law 8 Omar Maldonado
Probate Court JoAnne Garcia

Other Courts

Child Protection Court Carlos Villalon, Jr.
Master Court #1 Nereida Lopez-Singleterry
Master Court #2 Ismael "Kino" Florez, Jr.

Justices of the Peace

Justice of the Peace, Pct 1, Place 1 Gilberto Saenz
Justice of the Peace, Pct 1, Place 2 Jesus E. Morales
Justice of the Peace, Pct 2, Place 1 Bobby Contreras
Justice of the Peace, Pct 2, Place 2 Jaime "Jerry" Munoz
Justice of the Peace, Pct 3, Place 1 Luis J. Garza
Justice of the Peace, Pct 3, Place 2 Juan Jose Peña, Jr.
Justice of the Peace, Pct 4, Place 1 Charlie Espinoza
Justice of the Peace, Pct 4, Place 2 Homer Jasso, Sr.
Justice of the Peace, Pct 5, Place 1 Jason Peña


Constable Precinct 1 Celestino Avila
Constable Precinct 2 Martin Cantu
Constable Precinct 3 Lazaro "Larry" Gallardo
Constable Precinct 4 Atanacio J.R. Gaitan