Classification and Compensation Project

Status: In Progress

The need to develop a competitive pay structure is crucial to ensure the County’s ability to attract and retain its workforce. The purpose of the Classification and Compensation Plan is to provide an organized position control structure and uniform classification system to meet the needs and demands of the County workforce.

The Classification and Compensation plan accomplishes the following objectives:

  • Groups positions with similar duties and pay while providing a high degree of flexibility to County departments and offices
  • Compensates employees with salaries that are internally equitable and compare favorably with other similar counties and the State of Texas
  • Allows for the possibility of incentives for excellence in job performance
  • Provides for the development of a promotional career ladder
Major Project Activities:

  • Compile current job descriptions and make revisions
  • Develop Step & Grade Schedule using the State of Texas pay system model
  • Identify multi-grade positions and adjust accordingly
  • Submit revised salary schedule to County departments for concurrence
  • Develop the Step & Grade Pay Plan Policy and Procedures
  • Establish review committee
  • Seek Commissioners Court approval of the Step & Grade Pay Plan for adoption
  • Review and revise the Classification & Compensation Plan as needed