Situation Report 5

Situation Report 5

Operational Period - August 6, 2008

Ash-Britt Operations

Debris Sites (Towers)
5 Sites
Debris Trucks
31 Crews
2 Hanger Crews
Vac Trucks
24 Trucks
6 Total
Total Loads as of 8/5/2008
Total CYDs as of 8/5/2008
Total Loads to Date   
Total CYDs to Date

Current Situation

County EOC operations were demobilized on Tuesday August 05, 2008 at noontime. EMC staff continues working in support of recovery. Supporting County departments resumed normal duties. County Judge employees returned phone calls to those persons that called for assistance during the hurricane and post hurricane. Persons called were referred to the proper agency for assistance. Two volunteers from Texas Workforce Commission manned the incoming Hurricane Hotline and answered a total of 34 calls. Read the Complete Situation Report 5 >>