Situation Report 2

Situation Report 2

Operational Period - August 3, 2008

Ash-Britt Operations

Debris Sites (Towers)
5 Sites
Debris Trucks
30 Crews
2 Hanger Crews
Vac Trucks
25 Trucks
6 Total
Total Loads as of 8/1/2008
Total CYDs as of 8/1/2008
Total Loads to Date   
Total CYDs to Date

Current Situation

The Hidalgo County Emergency Operations Center operated under daytime operations. County Judge’s Staff returned phone calls to those persons that called for assistance during the hurricane and post hurricane. Persons called were referred to the proper agency for assistance. Dewatering operations by municipal, private and contracted operators continued. Logistical support was provided to those persons manning the municipal and precinct dewatering operations. McAllen demobilized their equipment and personnel. One 12” pump was redeployed to Tamarron Estates to continue dewatering of the neighborhood. Flooded areas were evaluated for progress by City of McAllen and County Planning Department Engineers.

The County Judge, staff, EMC personnel, Pct 2 Staff and representatives from FEMA, Red Cross and employment agencies met with Colonia residents at a meeting arranged by the LUPE organization at their headquarters in San Juan. Read the Complete Situation Report 2 >>