Board of Building Line Adjustments


The Board of Building Line Adjustments (BBLA) hears and make decisions with regards to appeals in cases which, because of exceptional narrowness, shallowness, shape, topography, existing building development, or another exceptional and extraordinary situation or condition of a specific piece of property, the strict application of a building line established under Texas Local Government Code Chapter 233 Subchapter B would result in peculiar and exceptional difficulties or hardships to the owner of the property. On appeal, the Board may authorize a variance from the strict application of the regulation, under conditions established by the Board, to relieve the hardship or difficulty. This relief must be granted without substantially impairing the intent and purpose of the building line or setback line.


Board of Building Line Adjustment meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis at 4:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month in the Hidalgo County Drainage District No. 1 Conference Room, 902 N. Doolittle Rd. Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas 78542.


Leonel Garza, III, Chairman
Manuel Cantu, Vice Chairman
Arcadio Padilla, Member
Omar Ramon, Member
Joe Olivarez, Member