Filing Video/Audio

A notice or letter to the Court must be e-filed to describe any video and/or audio file that a party wishes to submit for the Court’s consideration in support, or contravention, of any motion or in preparation for a hearing as a proposed exhibit. The notice or letter must include the link for downloading the proposed exhibits; this requires that the e-filed document be a text-searchable PDF. Video or audio files may be shared via Google Drive, Dropbox, or other similar platforms.

If a party is unable to share the video or audio files via an online platform, counsel may contact Court staff to make other arrangements; in such instances, submission by email may be allowed with a copy to all counsel of record. No proposed exhibit may be submitted to the Court ex parte without a request having been previously made and subsequently granted.

The Court encourages parties to include links for downloading proposed exhibits in their original filings (i.e., motions, responses).

NOTE: In submitting an audio or video file for the Court’s consideration, the filing parties certify that, to their understanding and after making reasonable efforts, the file is free from any virus or malware.