Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Place 1

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our office is currently closed to the public. It is highly encouraged for a defendant in a criminal case or any party in a civil case to contact the court before coming in person, most matters may be handled over the phone. We are currently accepting civil filings via mail and/or drop off in person at the front door. Any requests for criminal cases may be submitted via fax or email for review. Our court is currently utilizing the ZOOM application for any scheduled court hearings.

Zoom Hearing Instructions


A Justice of the peace handles both civil and criminal cases filed in justice courts. A justice court is commonly known as a "Peoples' Court". A justice court may preside over administrative hearings and lawsuits over debts, evictions, car accidents, unlawful towing and property.

A Justice of the peaces' criminal workload involves disposing of all class C criminal misdemeanors complaints such as traffic citations, non traffic citations, and issuance of a bad check. These cases involve payment for court cost and fees, setting contested cases for pre trial hearings with the county prosecutor and trials with a judge or jury. A justice court may offer a defendant various way to dispose of cases such as 30 day extensions to pay, community service or indigence waivers(case-by-case basis).

A Justice of the peace may also review and/or grant applications for mental health commitments and give warnings to juveniles required by law. A Justice of the peace may also issue warrants and conduct hearings concerning seizure and disposition of cruelly treated animals.

A Justice of the peace may also serve as a Local Registrar for their precinct and perform inquests.

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