National Voter Registration Month


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Nonpartisan civic holiday to get Americans registered and #VoteReady. Held on the 3rd Tuesday of September every year, with the next one on September 19, 2023. Coordinated day of events to share registration opportunities before state deadlines. Since 2012, nearly 4.5 MILLION voters have registered on the holiday, including 1.5m in 2020 alone!

As many as 1 in 4 eligible Americans are NOT registered to vote. This figure is EVEN higher for youth and communities of color. Millions of Americans miss elections each year due to registration problems or missing deadlines. Our democracy works best when more of us participate! YOU have unique and trusted relationships in your community, and YOU can help change this.

Proclamation Declaring September Valley Voter Awareness Month 


Hidalgo County Elections Department National Voter Registration Day Outreach Plan