Child Custody Evaluations FAQs

How long is the Child Custody Evaluation process?

  •  A minimum of 90 days from the date the fees are paid in full.

What happens if the other party does not pay their fees?

  • Our office will not initiate services until all fees are paid.  You have the option of paying the other party’s fees.

Is Cooperative Parenting a requirement for parents prior to a Child Custody Evaluation?

  • Yes, both parties are required to attend the course and are responsible for paying the class as a condition of the service.

Do all of my children have to participate?

  • All children living full-time in each household are a component of the family unit and are expected to participate. Each family unit will impact the children in question and it is important to see how each member contributes.

Are stepparents or family members allowed to participate in the interviews?

  • Stepparents will be included in the evaluation, as will live-in partners. They must complete the same Questionnaire as the parties.  All persons living in the home with the children will be interviewed.

May I bring my children to the Domestic Relation Office?

  • No, unless specifically requested to do so or arrangements made with DRO staff prior to visit, please do not bring children to the Domestic Relations Office.