Eviction Forms

Plaintiffs may use the following link to check if property is in Precinct 3. A court clerk may not deny your filing and is not able to tell you if you are filing in the correct precinct.

Make sure to use option 3 constable information look up and type in address of property. 

Hidalgo County Precinct Maps

Filing Fee: $54.00 & Citation Constable Service Fee per defendant: $100.00          Appeal Fee $54.00 plus $10.00 transcript fee=$64.00                                        Plaintiff Forms

Motion for New Trial/Appeal Fee $54.00 plus $10.00 transcript fee = $64.00                                                        Defendant's Forms

Writ of Restoration                                                                                                               Filing Fees: $54.00 & Writ of Service Fee: $205.00

Writ of Re-Entry                                                                                                                     Filing Fees:$54.00 & Writ of Service Fee: $205.00

Writ of Retrieval                                                                                                                     Filing Fees: $54.00 & Writ of Service Fee: $205.00

Repair and Remedy                                                                                                               Filing Fees: $54.00 & Citation Service Fee for each Defendant $100.00