Covid-19 Election Preparedness

Covid-19 Election Preparedness

In July, the attention of much of the nation was focused on Hidalgo County which was contending with an onslaught of infection from the COVID-19 virus. Among those paying attention was singing legend Cher who performed in Hidalgo County before local infections began.
Moved by some of the stories of courage emanating from Hidalgo County, Cher reached out to emergency management officials in California where she lives and said she wanted to help. Those officials, in turn, reached out to emergency management officials in Texas who reached out to Eddie Olivarez, director of Hidalgo County Health and Human Services.

Hidalgo County Health and Human Services: Hidalgo County Covid-19 Updates

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): Considerations for Elections Polling Locations and Voters

"Upon entering the polling location, voters will see that all poll workers are implementing these preventive measures themselves. They are all wearing masks, face shields and gloves, and they consistently disinfect and sanitize the voting areas. Voters are asked to place their form of identification in a plastic bin, so that the poll worker can verify the voter’s identity. Voters are then instructed to sign a combination form with a sterilized pen and are given an access code that is entered into the voting machine. Once at the voting machine, the voter is given a disposable stylus device that is used for marking their ballot selection. After completing their ballot selection, the voter will be instructed to discard the stylus device in the trash. This will conclude the voting process with limited physical interaction with the poll worker and the voting machine." 

~Hidalgo County Elections Department; Press Release July 13, 2020

Hidalgo County Election Department Press Releases

Covid-19 Press Releases: 

  • July 13, 2020: COVID-19 Preventative Safety Measures at the Polls are a Top Priority.
  • June 26, 2020: Let's Vote Safe, Hidalgo County.

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