Teleconferencing Guidelines

  • Despite not being physically present in the courtroom, the teleconference is still a court proceeding and lawyers and litigants should dress appropriately.
  • Microphones must be muted while Court is in session unless an individual is recognized or a lawyer must make a statement for the record.
  • To facilitate the taking of the record, lawyers must activate their video feed when speaking.
  • Tablets and cell phones may not transmit audio and video properly, participants are encouraged to use computers instead.
  • Those that are viewing and not participating are encouraged to view the live feed of the hearings via YouTube to avoid disruptions.
  • If you anticipate requiring the services of an interpreter in a civil or family case, notify the Court at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled hearing.
  • All exhibits must be e-filed prior to the hearing and a courtesy copy of the exhibits must be emailed to the Court. When e-filing exhibits for a hearing, the lead document should be the exhibit list.