COVID-19: Judicial Orders

"Our community is strong.  We are made up of proud, hard-working people -- people that believe in family and unity.  This is the time to use that strength to help each other get through these uncertain times."  - Judge Noe Gonzalez

Notice from District Attorney to Protective Order Applicants

Notificación del Fiscal del Distrito para Solicitantes de Ordenes de Proteccion

Please be advised, any judicial orders issued in the County of Hidalgo as a result of of the COVID-19 State Disaster will be posted on this site and updated daily:

A Message from the Hidalgo County Local Administrative Presiding Judge:

In the Supreme Court of Texas in the Court of Criminal Appeals:

Hidalgo County Judicial District Courts:

Hidalgo County Courts at Law:

Specialty Courts:

Jury Cancellation Orders:

Grand Jury Cancellation Orders: