2024 Performance Evaluation Process

Hidalgo County is committed to providing optimal services to the residents of Hidalgo County. In order to provide the best service to residents, it is important that all employees perform efficiently as they are our primary resource for the delivery of community services. To ensure maximum effort and inspire dedication within our workforce, Hidalgo County instituted a Merit Pay System in 2019. The results are a motivated workforce that is conscious of their efforts and the importance of their work.
 Below you will find the 2024 Performance Process Overview.  
You will also find the Performance Assessment Guides 1-4 which provide you a step by step overview for completion of the 2024 Annual Performance Evaluation Process via performance evaluation program NEOGOV Perform. 

We look forward to a successful 2024 Performance Evaluation Process that further motivates and guides our most valuable asset, our workforce!

 Annual Performance Evaluations & Merit Pay System Overview



 NEOGOV Annual Performance Evaluations Guides


Guide #1 - Start Your Rating Process 

Guide #2 - Review and Approve a Supervisor's Ratings

Guide #3 - Supervisor's Meeting with Employee 

Guide #4 - Employee Acknowledgment of Annual Performance Evaluation