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Housing Guidelines

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In 2015, there were two Presidential Disaster Declarations that affected Hidalgo County:  FEMA Disaster 4223 and FEMA Disaster 4245. These events occurred on or about June 18-19 and October 22-31 respectively (Severe Storms, Tornados, Straight-Line Winds and Flooding).  As a result, the Federal Register, Vol. 81, No. 117, was issued on Friday, June 17, 2016, allocating $6,740,560 to Hidalgo County where sixty-eight percent (68%) or $4,583,581 will be utilized for non-housing activities, such as drainage improvements, and the remaining thirty-two percent (32%) or $2,156,979 will be utilized for housing activities.  Consequently, the Texas General Land Office (GLO), the lead state agency for managing the State’s Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) grants, entered into contract with the Hidalgo County Urban County Program (UCP) in July 2018 to perform housing activities in the affected area(s) of the 2015 weather events. 

Needs Assessment 

Due to the limited amount of Disaster Recovery CDBG funding available, the Method of Distribution (MOD) focused initially on the most affected areas in Hidalgo County.  Discussion amongst the most affected County Precincts resulted in an agreement to prioritize the projects by assisting the most affected areas.  Hidalgo County Urban County Program (UCP), in conjunction with Precinct staff, concluded that Precinct # 1 and Precinct # 4 were the most affected areas.   

The Precincts created surveys via Survey Monkey to obtain essential information from residents in those areas. The surveys completed allowed for the identification of specific subdivisions within each precinct. Additionally, it was determined that the affected areas in Precinct # 1 currently have funding allocated to complete the drainage improvements to minimize future flooding. Precinct # 4, however, does not have the funding allocated to complete their drainage improvement projects. Therefore, the County has determined that these (GLO) funds will be utilized for housing needs in the affected Precinct # 4 subdivisions.  To view the approved Needs Assessment click on the link below:

Needs Assessment

Affected Subdivisions in Precinct # 4: 

1. San Marcos Acres                5. Herencia Manor                9. Alberta Meadows                        13. Dan Burns Estates

2. San Marcos Acres # 3          6. North Alamo Terrace        10. Alberta Meadows # 2

3. Alamo Estates                      7. Kaylen Subdivision            11. Trenton Oaks

4. Alamo Estates # 2                8. Chris Estates                     12. Hopewell Gardens

Proof of Damage 

For rehabilitation/reconstruction assistance, applicants must provide supporting documentation of the damage or destruction to unit occurred by the event. Disaster damage can be documented as follows:  

  • FEMA, SBA or Insurance award letters; or 
  • In the event that the above-referenced documentation is not available, an inspection report/damage assessment (complete with photos of the damage and a written assessment of the damage by each photo take) conducted by a certified or licensed inspector (HQS, TREC, or similar license) must be supplied by the UCP that certifies the damage occurred as a result of the event; or  
  • In the event that FEMA, SBA, or Insurance award letters are not available, and an inspection report is inconclusive as to the cause of the damage, the UCP may provide alternative evidence, such as neighborhood-level media reports or documentation of damage by disaster response/relief organizations, GLO approval is required.  

If an applicant was denied assistance by FEMA, assistance through the CDBG-DR Disaster Recovery Program may still be available. Applicants are not solely ineligible based on a denial by FEMA.  

Homeownership Assistance 

Benefit for low to moderate income (LMI) applicants is the principal National Objective approved for the Disaster Recovery Single Family Homeowner Program.  Homeownership assistance under this program will be provided for households earning up to 80 percent of the area median income and therefore qualify as meeting the low and moderate-income person benefit national objective.    UCP’s Program Implementation begins with determining the applicant’s unmet needs for the rehabilitation, reconstruction, or new construction of applicant’s home.  Rehabilitation or Reconstruction assistance may be offered to survivors based on the extent of the damages. 


  • Must be a resident of Hidalgo County, more specifically, live within the affected Precinct # 4 subdivisions (listed above in the “Needs Assessment” Section); and  
  • Must have a warranty deed of the property to be rehabilitated in their name; and 
  • Must demonstrate home unit was the principal residence during the time of the event; and 
  • Must meet HUD income guidelines (see below “Income Limits” Section) according to family size at time of application; and 
  • Must be current on their property tax responsibilities or be on an approved Hidalgo County tax payment plan

Income Limits 

The applicant’s annual income must not exceed 80% of the HUD determination area median income, adjusted by family size at the time of application as indicated by the table below: 

             1 Person     2 Persons      3 Persons       4 Persons      5 Persons      6 Persons      7 Persons        8 Persons 

               $33,000       $37,700         $42,400            $47,100         $50,900           $54,650            $58,450            $62,200           

Program Application 

Homeowners in the affected Precinct # 4 subdivisions that meet the above provided program qualifications should take the following steps to apply: 

  1. Call the UCP office to set up an appointment at (956) 787-8127 Ext. 2244; or 
  2. Download and complete Disaster Recovery Housing Program application: Intake Beneficiary Application and mail it to our office at the address provided below; or
  3. Homeowners who have a disability or have no means of transportation, dial (956) 787-8127 Ext. 2244 to schedule a house visit to assist with application process.

Form of Financial Assistance and Homeowner Responsibilities 

Single Family Homeowner assistance shall be provided in the form of an Unsecured Forgivable Promissory Note (Note).  The Note will require the homeowner to comply with the following items: 

  • Maintain principal residency and ownership in the assisted property for three (3) years 
  • Taxes are to be paid and in good standing for the properties assisted 
  • Insurance must be maintained at the assisted property 

The UCP will monitor assisted households for compliance with the terms of the Note.

Housing Guidelines

The GLO Housing Guidelines provide a blueprint for the design and implementation of the UCP CDBG-DR Housing Program.  To view the approved GLO Housing Guidelines click on the link below:

Housing Guidelines

Complaint and Appeal Process

Hidalgo County Urban County Program (UCP) is responsible for responding to complaints and appeals in a timely and professional manner. UCP will keep a record of each complaint or appeal that it receives to include all communications and their resolutions. 
To view the Citizen Complaint and Appeal Procedures click on the link below:

Complaint and Appeal Procedures

For more information on this program please contact: 

Hidalgo County Urban County Program 

1916 Tesoro Street 

Pharr, TX 78577 

Phone: (956) 787-8127 Fax: (956) 318-2988