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Unincorporated Street Light Program

Commissioners’ Court initiated the Hidalgo County Unincorporated Sibdivision Street Light Program, for the establishment of street lights in rural subdivisions. The program is for the benefit of landowners, and for the improvement of safety, security, and wellbeing of county residents living in subdivisions located in unincorporated areas of Hidalgo County characterized by poor infrastructure and higher incidences of crime.

A representative of each subdivision must submit documentation to the corresponding precinct commissioner’s office for the area in which the subdivision is located.The form requests detailed information about the subdivision, including a complete census listing signed by at least 75% of all landowners of the subdivision.

The street light electricity fee imposed depends on how many residents live in the area and how much electricity is consumed. Totals range from $18 to $42 dollars per landowners. Deadline to apply is July 1st. Contact your Precinct for more information.

Hidalgo County Unincorporated Subdivision Street Lights Program (Rules & Guidelines)
Application Instructions
Street Light Program Application
Census List Form