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LexisNexis continues to partner with us and the wider legal community during the Covid-19 pandemic and are continuing to provide access to library patrons remotely during this crisis. If you can not otherwise conduct legal research, you are welcome to register for a temporary LexisNexis ID. This ID allows you to conduct research on
cases and codes only (all primary law) as needed for their legal work and personal legal research. 

Patrons seeking access to secondary content must submit an e-mail request to the Law Library staff. Access will continue until further notice.

LexisNexis New Content Now Available:
1011511 - National Primary Enhanced
1512258 - Trial Court Orders - National
1012379 - All Premier Federal Agency and Admin Materials

Please use the following instructions to gain access to Lexis Nexis Secondary Sources:

  1. Compose an e-mail to or
  2. On the subject line enter: Lexis Nexis Patron Access ID Request
  3. Submit the following information to the library staff:
    • First and last name
    • E-mail address
  4. The law library staff will email the above information to Lexis Nexis to request approval.  Once this information is received by Lexis Nexis, the publisher will create an ID and will schedule activation for three (3) calendar days after the ID is sent to the Patron User. The Patron User may request an ID extension to the library once access has expired.
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Federal Statutes, Rules and Codes

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