Courtroom Standards

As your case proceeds through the Court, you are expected to adhere to the following Courtroom Standards:

  • No weapons, food, drinks or gum chewing is allowed in the Court building.
  • While in the courtroom, sit quietly when Court is in session. Do not chat or whisper with friends or relatives. The Court proceedings are being recorded and background conversation can interfere with the audibility of this important record.
  • While in the courtroom, all cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices are to be shut off.
  • Avoid reading newspapers or books in the courtroom, particularly if your use of such material is a distraction to others.
  • When addressing the Judge or Hearing Officer, stand a few feet back from the bench. Do not lean on the Judge’s/Hearing Officer’s bench.
  • Do not interrupt the Judge, the Prosecutor or the Defense Attorney while they are speaking. Speak only when given the opportunity to by the Judge.
  • Contact or the passing of any items to/from the child is not allowed unless authorized by the Judge.
    Demonstrate appropriate standards of attire. While clothing need not be formal, it should be clean, neat and in good repair. Shoes and shirts must be worn and T-shirts which carry offensive slogans or pictures are not allowed. All hats should be removed before entering the courtroom.