Code Enforcement

Welcome to Hidalgo County Code Enforcement.

The Executive Office Nuisance Abatement Program was created by the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court on 8-16-16 with the direct purpose of assisting county residents to resolve issues associated with un-kept properties by enforcing property maintenance codes.

Hidalgo County adopted four codes (THSC-343.011 C 3, 4, 9 & 11) to ensure owners maintain their properties; which in turn helps to protect citizens’ health, safety, and welfare.

Code Enforcement has a direct impact on preserving the livability and property values of Hidalgo County’s neighborhoods by enforcing the following regulations:

Unsanitary Condition [THSC-343.011(C) (3)]
Weedy Lot  [THSC-343.022 11 (C) (4)
County Property   [THSC-343.011 (C) (9)]
Drainage Easement   [THSC-343.011 (C) (11)]

  1. J. Chris Trevino

    County Operations Administrator

  2. Code Enforcement

    Physical Address
    1124 N. M Road
    Edinburg, TX 78542


    7:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Monday - Friday

    * Phone list updated August, 2013