Colonia Self-Help Center Program

In 1995, the 74th Legislature passed Senate Bill 1509, a legislative directive to establish colonia self-help centers in Cameron/Willacy, Hidalgo, Starr, Webb and El Paso counties as well as in any other county designated as an economically distressed area. Five colonias within each county are identified to receive concentrated attention from its respective self-help center.

The law also requires the establishment of a Colonia Resident Advisory Committee (C-RAC) to advise TDHCA on colonia residents’ needs and provide guidance on programming and activities in the selected colonias. Each county selects two representatives residing in colonias served by self-help centers as primary and secondary C-RAC members. The C-RAC has been instrumental in voicing the concerns of the targeted populations and has helped both the Department and the colonia SHCs develop useful tools and programs.

During the planning phase of a needs assessment, UCP identified following five (5) colonias to assist within its current 2020 SHC Agreement:

1. Balli Estates

2. Capisallo Park

3. Cuellar Subdivision #2

4. Heidelberg

5. River Road Subdivision

The activities that will be undertaken are as follows:

Tool Lending Library
Solid Waste Removal
Housing Reconstruction