Policy/Library Code of Conduct

Rules for Public Use of the Law Library/Library Code of Conduct

How the Library Staff can serve you:

What we CAN do:
  • Make referrals to proper agencies
  • Direct public to sources of laws and forms
  • Make available legal materials and forms pleadings
  • Assist with CD-Rom and Internet usage
What we CANNOT do:
  • Give legal advice
  • Do legal research
  • Interpret statutes, cases, regulations or forms
  • State specific forms
  • Choose language for forms
  • Type any documents
  • Provide office supplies
Please note that the library staff is here to help and assist but NOT to do work for you. By opting to represent yourself, it is your responsibility to research and prepare any and all legal documents necessary for your case.

Procedural Rules for Use

  • All conversations must be in low and hushed tones in the Library.
  • Food and beverages may not be brought into or consumed in the Law Library.
  • No smoking or tobacco products are allowed in the Library.
  • Please program cell phones to vibrate or silent mode before entering.
  • Everyone entering the Library mush sign the sign-in log at the front desk.
  • Books may only be removed from the Library by those who comply with the check-out procedures.
  • Failure to follow the rules is grounds for removal by the Librarian.
  • All computer users must sign-in at the workstation before using the computers.
For more information, contact the Law Library at (956) 318-2155.