2016 Local Entities Runoff Elections

Early Voting Reports

Important Note:
The Early Voting reports on this page will be posted no later than 10:00 a.m. daily to reflect the previous day's information.

Unofficial Daily & Cumulative Early Voting Statistics

Roster - Early Voting by Personal Appearance

These rosters are posted in csv format and can easily be imported into a spreadsheet or database program. The roster is unofficial and is subject to change. (updated 06/13/16)

Due to the large size of the roster files, it is recommended to right click the roster link and then select “Save Target As…” as opposed to opening the file with a left mouse click. This will allow the file to be downloaded and saved without the need to load and display all information through the web browser.

About the Early Voting Rosters

Texas Election Code Section 87.121 - EARLY VOTING ROSTERS:

(a) The early voting clerk shall maintain for each election a roster listing each person who votes an early voting ballot by personal appearance.

(b) For each person listed, the applicable roster must include: (1) the person's name, address, and voter registration number; (2) an identification of the person's county election precinct of registration; and (3) the date of voting or the date the ballot was mailed to the person, as applicable.

(c) Each roster shall be updated daily.

(f) Information on the roster for a person to whom an early voting mail ballot has been sent is not available for public inspection, except to the voter seeking to verify that the information pertaining to the voter is accurate, until the first business day after election day.

(g) Information on the roster for a person who votes an early voting ballot by personal appearance shall be made available for public inspection not later than the beginning of regular business hours on the day after the date the information is entered on the roster under Subsection (c).