Family Support Services

Case Management, which is funded through our Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) and is intended to empower the client, establishes a foundation for upward mobility towards self sufficiency, and ultimately to transition out of poverty.

Case Management Consists of:
  1. Detailed household assessments in order to identify needs for determining goal setting.
  2. The client or head of household mutually enters into an agreement with our Case Study Worker sharing and committing to the responsibilities set forth in the agreement.
  3. Through case management the client is provided continued guidance on self-improvement, budgeting, job readiness/search, and valuable linkages to other programs.
  4. Case Management will continue past 90 days after a client has acquired a salary that has transitioned the household out of poverty to assure the support system needed for full achievement.
CSBG funds are also utilized for some emergency services.

If you are interested in the Case Management Program, are enrolled in post-secondary education classes, and/or seeking employment then CHCSA invites you to call (956) 383-6240 or for you convenience email us