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Solid Waste Citizen Collection Station Rules & guidelines

The Commissioners’ Court of Hidalgo County has ordered a Solid Waste Disposal program and has adopted these Solid Waste Citizen Collection Station Rules and Guidelines in order to safeguard the public health; to ensure the safety of county employees; to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the citizen collection station; to ensure that only residential waste from rural and unincorporated area county residents is disposed of at the Citizen Collection Station and to control and monitor proper access to the Citizen Collection Station.


  • The Citizen Collection Station will accept authorized solid waste generated by the rural and unincorporated resident living within Hidalgo County as described under these rules
  • Rural boundaries are areas not within city limits
  • The operator of any vehicle transporting authorized solid waste to the citizen collection station shall, as condition of use, present evidence and/or answer any reasonable questions concerning the nature and place of origin of that material as the sanitation attendant in charge may request
  • The Attendant in Charge shall be obeyed at all times and all authorized solid wastes must be deposited in appropriate designated areas and in accordance with the collection station operator’s instructions
  • The County of Hidalgo reserves the right to reject any solid wastes, which it considers to be detrimental to the operation of the collection station, or contrary to these Rules
  • The Citizen Collection Station will only admit vehicles with a valid collection station permit displayed on the vehicle.
  • At the time of making application to obtain a permit, the applicant shall present and provide any requisite materials as described herein to determine eligibility
  • Permits will be issued only to those applicants who comply with these Rules. The ownership of real property is not the determining factor as to who may receive a permit
  • Use of the collection station shall be limited to the hours determined by each Precinct


Disposal of solid waste at any of the Hidalgo County Solid Waste Citizen Collection Station without a valid solid waste permit properly displayed a violation of established rules and guidelines may result in civil penalties. Complaints may be reported to the Hidalgo County Constable’s Office(s); Violations shall be referred to the Office of the Criminal District Attorney.


A permit is required for use of all Hidalgo County Solid Waste Citizen Collection Stations. Permits must prominently be displayed on the user’s vehicle and must be visible when within the Citizen Collection Station. All vehicles entering the Citizen Collection Station must display a valid permit issued to that specific vehicle and vehicle owner. All permits MUST have a permit application filled out in full before a permit is issued. Citizen Collection Station Permit permits are not valid until affixed to the permitted vehicle.

  • ONLY Hidalgo County rural and unincorporated area residents will qualify for the permit
  • All users are required to obtain a permit prior to use of the collection station
  • Citizen Collection Station permit are not transferable
  • Each permit will cost $25 and will be good for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase
  • Permits for each additional vehicle may be obtained at a cost of $25 for ninety (90) days
  • Proof of Hidalgo County rural residency, name, address, personal identification and vehicle information is required at the time of application.
  • Limit one (1) vehicle per permit
  • Permit applications and renewals may be obtained at the designated Precinct Offices