Outdoor Burning

Outdoor burning rules are outlined in Chapter 111 of Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code

Please contact the Fire Marshal's Department of Hidalgo County (Phone: 956-318-2656) regarding:

  • Burn bans
  • Permits
  • Hidalgo County and State Rules and Regulations
  • Exceptions
  • Disposal fires
  • Responsibilities
  • Safety tips

RULE §111.219 #6 Meteorological and Timing

General Requirements for Allowable Outdoor Burning

(6) Burning shall be conducted in compliance with the following meteorological and timing considerations:

(A) The initiation of burning shall commence no earlier than one hour after sunrise. Burning shall be completed on the same day not later than one hour before sunset, and shall be attended by a responsible party at all times during the active burn phase when the fire is progressing. In cases where residual fires and/or smoldering objects continue to emit smoke after this time, such areas shall be extinguished if the smoke from these areas has the potential to create a nuisance or traffic hazard condition. In no case shall the extent of the burn area be allowed to increase after this time.
(B) Burning shall not be commenced when surface wind speed is predicted to be less than six miles per hour (mph) (five knots) or greater than 23 mph (20 knots) during the burn period.
(C) Burning shall not be conducted during periods of actual or predicted persistent low-level atmospheric temperature inversions. - 30 TAC 111.219

RULE §111.221 Responsibility for Consequences of Outdoor Burning

Responsibility for Consequences of Outdoor Burning

The authority to conduct outdoor burning under this regulation does not exempt or excuse any person responsible from the consequences, damages, or injuries resulting from the burning and does not exempt or excuse anyone from complying with all other applicable laws or ordinances, regulations, and orders of governmental entities having jurisdiction, even though the burning is otherwise conducted in compliance with this regulation. - 30 TAC Chapter 111.221