Reporting Polluted Stormwater

Stormwater Pollution Complaints

Hidalgo County is committed to protecting the stormwater it releases to the Arroyo Colorado and Laguna Madre. Dumping of trash, tires, chemicals, waste from septic tanks, etc. into canals, ditches, resacas, etc. will pollute our storm water. Apart from polluting our stormwater, the dumping of waste into ditches and canals also impacts the drainage system that protects our communities and neighborhoods from flooding during storms and hurricanes. We are all affected by these activities as residents and taxpayers of the county.

Any resident of Hidalgo County may submit a complaint to the Hidalgo County Office of Environmental Compliance concerning pollution to our water bodies.

Complaints may be submitted to (956) 318-2980, or by submitting it through our water pollution complaint email. You will be asked to provide some basic information concerning what you saw so that we may be able to address your concern.

Remember, if it drains, it's everybody's business.