Public Information Request and Procedures

The Public Affairs Division assists the public, the media, and internal County offices and departments with any communication needs, media requests, information dissemination, and open records requests. Read the policies and procedures that govern the Public Affairs Division's activities, and use the forms to submit your request for assistance.

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Public Information Request

Before you submit your request for public information, it is important to determine the proper elected official or county department that would have your information.

The Public Affairs office primarily processes requests for county departments. Some elected officials and appointed members are the custodians of their own records. 

Please follow the instructions below to submit your request to the proper office.

If you are seeking Public Information from one of the Elected Officials or appointed members listed in the chart below, please contact them directly as they are the custodian of record for their offices/departments. According to Texas Government Code Section 552.201(b), each elected county officer is the officer for public information and the custodian of the information created or received by that county officer's office.
If you are seeking Public Information from a County Department, please use our Request for Public Information Form (fillable PDF form) or email your request to

Below is a list of the offices who have elected officials and appointed members, and the information they have available. Please contact their offices directly if you want the following information:

P: 956-292-7600
F: 956-318-2301
COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE Marriage licenses, Birth and death records, Official recordings, Probate, Criminal background checks, Property deeds, Property titles, Property liens, Sheriff deeds, 
Civil and County Court at Law cases.
100 N. Closner - 1st Floor
P.O. Box 58
Edinburg, TX 78539
P: 956-318-2100
P: 956-318-2811
F: 956-318-2105
DISTRICT CLERK'S OFFICE Civil and Criminal cases, Appeals, Child Support,
Divorce Decrees, Grand Jury inquiries
100 N. Closner
P.O. Box 87
Edinburg, TX 78539
P: 956-318-2200
F: 956-318-2251
SHERIFF'S OFFICE Mugshots, Jail Bookings, Case reports, 911 calls,
Dash cam video, Incident reports
711 E. Cibolo Road
Edinburg, TX 78542
P: 956-383-8114
F: 956-393-6179
TAX OFFICE Tax liens, Property Tax, Vehicle Registration 2804 US Hwy. 281
Edinburg, TX 78539
P: 956-318-2157
F: 956-318-2733
Elections date and elections results, 
Campaign Treasurer and contributions, 
Maps and Map Books. 
Certain fees may apply.
101 S. 10th Ave.
Edinburg, TX 78539
P: 956-318-2570
F: 956-393-2039
DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 1 Drainage projects 902 Doolittle Road
Edinburg, TX 78542
P: 956-292-7080
F: 956-292-7089

Autopsy reports See Justices of the Peace Page in  Law & Justice

For County Departments and Offices (internal use only)

  • Communications Procedure - Read how the Public Affairs Division assists Commissioners Court offices and departments with all their communication needs. Elected/appointed officials may also choose utilize the Public Affairs Division for their communication needs.

  • Public Information Requests Procedure - Learn how the Public Affairs Division responds to requests for public information, and the steps that are taken to ensure the County complies with the Public Information Act (Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code). Requests for information for Commissioners Court and County departments that fall under Commissioners Court are processed by the Public Affairs Division. Elected/appointed officials are the custodian of their own public records, although they may choose to utilize the Public Affairs Division to process requests for public information.

  • Public Affairs Request Form - Use this form to request assistance from the Public Affairs Division. Read services and deadlines for services below:
Failure to abide by deadlines listed may result in the Public Affairs Division being unable to accommodate your request for assistance.
Description of Service  Deadline:
Major event planning & coordination, i.e., conferences, special events, fairs, etc.
At least six months prior to event
Resolution/proclamation/recognition in Commissioners Court
At least three weeks prior to requested date
Coordinating a press conference
At least one week prior to event
Sending a press release to the media
At least one week prior to event
Scheduling media (radio, television, print) interview or spot
At least one week prior to event
Posting a calendar listing on the County website online calendar
At least 10 business days in advance of your event
Posting a "Latest News" announcement on the County website
At least 10 business days in advance of your event
Posting an announcement on the County's Facebook and Twitter Pages
At least 1 day in advance of your event or the announcement start date
Video coverage of event
At least one month in advance of event
Creation of video/PSA
At least six months in advance
Photo coverage of event
At least one week in advance
Creating or updating web pages
At least 2 weeks in advance for minor revisions or 1 month in advance for Web page design or content development)
Creation of print material/graphic design/content development
At least three months in advance
Talking points
At least two weeks in advance
Email distribution to County Department Heads/Elected Officials
At least one day in advance; subject to approval
Email distribution to County Employees
At least one day in advance; subject to approval