Workload Assessment/Performance Measures

Status: In Progress

The purpose of the Workload Assessment Project is to develop a performance based budgeting approach for all County departments and offices. By utilizing a performance based budgeting approach, County departments and offices must substantiate their budget requests during the annual budget cycle by providing to the Department of Budget & Management (DBM) workload measure indicators for their respective department/office. By utilizing performance management techniques, DBM’s goal is to improve the County’s delivery of services and to ensure accountability, transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness for all County departments/offices.
The Department of Budget & Management will compile and evaluate the performance indicators provided by the departments/offices for the development of the County’s annual budget.

Major Project Activities:

  • Develop the Workload Assessment Form for each respective department/office
  • Compile and evaluate workload indicator data provided by all County departments/offices starting from the year 2007 until present year
  • Develop Workload Assessment report to be utilized during the annual budget process