Status: Pending

The primary goal of the Scofflaw program is to increase the County’s revenue and decrease the number of outstanding fines & fees owed to the County by settling outstanding fines & fees before registering/renewing an individual’s motor vehicle registration.

The County’s Tax Assessor Collector can refuse to register/renew a motor vehicle because the owner of the vehicle has outstanding fines & fees that are owed to either the County or respective municipality. The County may enter into an interlocal agreement with TXDOT and the local municipalities in order to carry out the Scofflaw program as authorized by State law. The County departments currently involved in the Scofflaw program project are JP offices, Tax Office, County Clerk, IT Department, and DBM.

Major Project Activities:

  • Research other counties implementation of the Scofflaw program
  • Research and review relevant statutes and AG opinions
  • Perform financial analysis to determine the County’s total amount of outstanding fines & fees
  • Meet with departments that are involved in the Scofflaw program
  • Develop and implement a Scofflaw Policy & Procedures, upon Commissioners Court approval
  • Seek Commissioners Court approval for the County to enter into interlocal agreements with municipalities and TXDOT in order to carry out the Scofflaw program