Salary Schedule Database

Status: Completed

The Salary Schedule Database was developed by the DBM and IT department staff to assist in the budgeting process of salary and fringe benefits expenditures. Salary schedule is also used to maintain a position control inventory. This application maintains the official salary schedule of Hidalgo County.

Major Project Activities:

  • Position inventory control (Full-Time, Part-Time and Temporary Positions)
  • Estimates salary related expenditures
  • Change of Status Forms
  • Maintains county employee’s status (FLSA, civil service, safety sensitive, etc.)
  • Projects cost of living adjustments
  • Calculates salary increase expenditures
  • Maintains Budgeted and Actual Salaries
  • Estimates Longevity pay for employees based on their hire date
  • Maintains workers compensation rates and estimated cost
  • Maintains fringe benefits rates and expenditures
  • Generates salary schedules per department
  • Generates vacancy and position control reports
  • Generates all type of reports related to personnel and salaries data.
  • Linked to the Budget Application Program to create the adopted salary schedule
  • Quarterly reconciliations with ALIO financial accounting system
  • Supports a Master Salary Schedule Form
  • Supports 3 compensation plans:
    • Law Enforcement Step and Grade Pay Plan
    • Constables Step and Grade Pay Plan
    • Classification and Compensation Pay Plan