Revenue Manual

Status: Pending

The Department of Budget & Management (DBM) will develop a comprehensive Revenue Manual in order to:
  • Better understand the County’s financial condition-the forces that affect it and the obstacles associated with measuring it.
  • Identify existing and emerging financial problems
  • Develop actions to remedy these financial problems
Furthermore, the Hidalgo County Revenue Manual will include revenue forecasting methods and applicable narratives of revenue measurement and assumptions including enabling legislation for all County revenue sources. The Revenue Manual will serve as a financial planning tool for Commissioners Court and County departments/offices, similar to the budget document in order to understand, evaluate, and analyze the financial condition of Hidalgo County.

Major Project Activities:

  • Compile, analyze, and review revenue reports for all County revenue sources for a particular year being reviewed
  • Research enabling legislation for the collection of revenues for all County revenue sources
  • Develop revenue assumptions and applicable narratives for all County revenue sources
  • Develop comprehensive Revenue Manual
  • Evaluate revenue trends and make recommendations as to the financial condition of the County for Commissioners Court
  • Present to Commissioners Court completed Revenue Manual for approval.