Courthouse Needs Assessment

Status: In Progress

The overall objective of the Courthouse Needs Assessment study is to identify the future needs of the Hidalgo County Courthouse and estimate the cost of the future demands. The Courthouse Needs Assessment report will contain historical, demographic, and social information which will provide an insight of the expected growth of the county. The report will also include estimates of construction of a new courthouse based on our projected needs. It is the intent of the Department of Budget & Management to obtain estimates of construction cost at various years to analyze the impact of time on the cost of construction vs. remodeling of the existing structure.

Major Project Activities:

  • Gather Hidalgo County historical information
  • Gather historical information of Hidalgo County’s Courthouses
  • Analyze the structure of the Texas Court System
  • Analyze population trends and the impact of the increased population in our judicial system
  • Determine space availability at the courthouse and forecast additional demands
  • Contact other entities and gather data on other courthouse needs assessments
  • Analyze options for remodeling or constructing a new courthouse