C.O.B.R.A. Enrollment

Status: Completed
Conexis Benefits Administration Services is the County’s administrator for COBRA/HIPAA services. Conexis standard services include qualifying event notification to employees, monthly invoicing, and termination notices. Other notification services include general rights notifications and privacy notifications, updated legislative requirements and 24/7 customer services.
Penalties for non-compliance place employers at risk if employers are unable to manage the administrative process in accordance with changing COBRA regulations. Outsourcing COBRA administration has reduced the County’s risk for penalties and other risks associated with COBRA. Initial notification of COBRA/HIPAA rights are mailed out to new participants and qualified beneficiaries in accordance with federal regulations. Conexis is also responsible for collecting COBRA premiums for all participants which are then sent to the County for disbursement to vendors.

Major Project Activities:

  • Outsource C.O.B.R.A. Administration services to Conexis Benefits Administration Services and establish a collaborative working environment between the County and Conexis Benefits Administration services
  • Provide training to DBM-Employee Benefits Division staff in relation to COBRA and HIPAA rules and regulations.