Budget Application Program (BAP)

Status: Completed

The Budget Application Program was developed to prepare the County’s annual budget in a more efficient and effective manner.

BAP is a database that was developed by the DBM and IT department staff to assist the Department of Budget and Management to tabulate, compile, and analyze all budget related data including department requests and to generate all necessary reports for the deliberation of the annual budget including the analysis of revenues and fund balances for all county funds.

The Budget Application Program also includes a Budget Request Module. In this module, every county department has the opportunity to submit a detailed budget of their anticipated funding needs for the coming year. The module also gives the departments the option to request any new positions. All budget request entered into BAP must have a justification or the program will not accept the departments’ request. After the data entry of all departments has been completed, DBM compiles this information and initiates an extensive internal review process to balance the budget.

Major Project Activities:

  • Compiles Budget Request Data
  • Maintains Revenue Data
  • Estimates Fund Balance
  • Projects salary related expenditures
  • Calculates employee benefits
  • Estimates the cost of living salary adjustments
  • Adds new position to the Salary Schedule
  • Generates Estimated Result of Operation Report
  • Organizes and generates the official Hidalgo County Budget Book